We aim to create a viable future in the communities across Australia by providing opportunities for future employment and social engagement.

We look forward to creating job opportunities and support communities with great partnerships. We love to work with partners that share our objectives – to make a positive change in people’s lives.

Your Future Rides (YFR) provides social and employee engagement in different socioeconomic groups.

Your Future Rides encourage social participation and employment by enabling individuals to create their own future.

Future Rides supports individuals through empowering mentoring programs.

We provide one-to-one client engagement and group activities that provides the opportunity for self-growth, self-management, positive social behavior understanding, confidence building and the power and pleasure of individual freedom.

We have an extensive network through which we can find people and build their skills and abilities. This network includes Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities.

We have the ability to support job seekers to achieve their goals through employment outcomes.

We maintain client case notes for reporting and ongoing mentoring where required.

We have local knowledge of the labour market and experience in placing clients into local employment opportunities.

We build understanding between job seekers and their employers.

Our independent team are all flexible and adaptable to the different client’s criteria.

Our team has Working with Children’s Clearance, & Police Clearance can also be provided.


The program has enjoyed 100% success with participants employed and riding to work.


The course itself was made very easy to understand, the accommodation and food were really well prepared. I previously had ridden a bike many years ago and the training that was provided help give me the confidence to start riding again.
Overall, I feel that it was a great program and I would highly recommend it to my friends and family.

It helped my confidence a lot and gave me the opportunity to meet other students with the same goal. Even now that the course is finished, I still keep in contact with other students that I met and have created friendship

The course gave me confidence by meeting people I have never met before and has
broken the barrier of no transport. Now I feel more confident in job-seeking as I now
have reliable transport and can now get myself to and from work.

I would rate the mentoring as a 10, the support and the way it was explained made it
very easy to understand. Having that help was definitely a major successful part in passing the course and not only that the mentor made me feel that when you put your head down you can accomplish anything.

The course was a great experience and gave me the opportunity to meet new people.

It helped my confidence, considering I have never ridden a motorbike before it was quite the experience.

The course gave me confidence firstly by obtaining my motorbike license but also having other people on the same level. It was less intimidating.

I would rate the mentoring as a 10, the support and the way it was explained made it very easy to understand.

This program has not only given me a license but through the mentoring, it has built
my confidence up to approach local businesses for job opportunities, I have now
gained employment as a Trainee admin assistant in a local Pre School.

Without this program, I wouldn’t have the opportunities in job-seeking and since the program, with the continuous support of Your future rides, I have now been successful in gaining employment as an Activities officer at a local nursing home

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